Player Character using incorrect oriantaion.

Hey guys, so I decided to switch my default FPC to a TPC manually. Everything is working fine except one weird thing that I cannot figure out. The default orientation of the player character is different in the map than it is in the viewpoint. This is really weird. I have looked over the BP and I don’t see anything that would manually orientate it differently. Like I said though this was originally a first person default game. Is there anything hidden away that would affect rotation?

Notice the blue arrow. The camera reoriantates facing in the correct direction however the mannequin does not. This leads to the camera facing sideways. Also WASD works in the correct direction according to the spawn, however with the mannequin facing the wrong way w causes you to move sideways.

did you retarget any animations? I think by default the third person skeleton (Maybe its the first person one) is oriented 90 degrees the wrong way. In the animation blueprint you can use “Rotate Root Bone” to fix this