Player Character not affecting ragdoll simulation

Hello all!

I am working on a project and I have just set up the enemy (this alien dog creature) to go in ragdoll when shot.
It is working great, except that the player character (green alien in the image) is not affecting the ragdoll simulation.

When an animated enemy runs on a dead enemy the simulation works great, just like the player weapon (which is a static mesh created during gameplay).

I created the player blueprint from the Top-Down template.

I want the player capsule to influence the ragdoll simulation.
What am I doing wrong?


Hey DanZaidan,

Try setting your CapsuleComponent’s Collision Presets to Custom, and switch No Physics Collision to Collision Enabled. The Ragdolls rely on physics, and your Character is set to ignore them currently.

Let me know if that doesn’t fix it for you!

Ben Halliday

Thanks for your response, Ben.
I did what you told and that didn’t change anything.
However, I was playing with the setting and I found a possible solution:
After doing as you said, I changed the Object Type from ‘Pawn’ to ‘WorldDynamic’ and it worked!
But are there any drawbacks of changing this setting (because the capsule is controlling a pawn)?

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There may be later on, as anything that is checking for collision against World Dynamic objects will affect your character as well, when you might not want that. A better solution is to check what about your physics objects (the ragdoll dogs) is affecting Pawn object types. It’s possible they are set to Ignore or Overlap Pawns. If you switch that to Block, it should work without having to set your character to a different Object Type.

That worked! The mesh component inside the character blueprint was set to ‘Ragdoll’ (which ignores pawn collision).

Thank you so much for you time, Ben.