Player character invalid after a while during play

I have been puling my hair the last few days with this.

I use the puzzlegame template and my game is blueprint only (plus gameDNA Plugins). I don’t use levels so only one map.

Once in a while (it can be 30 minutes but sometimes 3 minutes), on IOS, Android and Editor Play, in the middle of the game (and I cannot pinpoint to a specific action), I cannot cast to PuzzlePlayer Character anymore (debugged as invalid).

I use PuzzlePLayer Character basically to keep score etc so the casting works to start with. It is properly declared in the settings as well.

Whilst the game can continue without this (score is not incremented), it will eventually fail when gameover as the call to have the main menu (widget) visible again is ignored and it ends in a limbo state.

So really not sure what is going on here.

Actually, the PuzzleGame Character disappears alltogether, hence failed casting. Not sure what can remove the player character.


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Sounds like your character is being destroyed early. You can add the Event Destroyed to the character, then put a print string with a Break Point there. That way, your Play in Editor game should stop when the character is destroyed and you can look at the call stack to see what is calling it that shouldn’t be.

Thanks that is a good idea thanks

So it does not seem to happen anymore. I have added a Player Start at a safe location.

It would seem that the Player Character would start at a random location, and maybe pushed away and be destroyed by the KillZ value. Thats my explanation.