Player Character Dino

Currently trying to make a Player character that is a Alpha raptor (so a raptor controlled in a First person view by the player) but currently the Tutorials for UE4 character have been very little help.

Should I start a completely new character that uses all the assets of the Alpha raptor and any relevant Blueprints? Or sound I just copy All the raptor assets over to my mod folder and try and modify them from there? (the alpha raptor appears to just be a variant of the raptor that refers to the original raptors blueprints instead of a completely different character). Any good tutorials or advice would be great!

I tried this too, but I havent succeeded yet. I have uploaded a mod in which you can play as a dino. The Play As Dino mod. I did this with an invisible player whos riding the dino.

But as far as I know you can only play as a child of the TestPlayerPawn. But good luck with it.

The only way it might work (I think) is by using the PlayerPawn as base, but replacing all human-related assets with dino ones. This will take a lot of work as you’ll have to edit meshes, animations, camera and probably the UI. This will probably require a TC.