Player Character Defaults to UE Character When Packaging

I have finally managed to get my game packaged after days of head scratching and trying out different packaging settings; however, instead of using the player character that I created in the editor, it diverts back to the default UE Character that just floats around. All pickup objects that are coded to the player character still work, no damage causing items harm the character though, which I’m banking is because the damage isn’t set up in the default character. I have the GameMode set to my game mode, and I have the player character set up as my player character in the packaging settings. If anyone could help with this I’d be most grateful! Thank you.

Solved this myself. I don’t know if it’s the correct solution or not, but it worked for me in a shipping build. I placed my actual Player Pawn in the first level of my game and after that, they all had it in it instead of the UE Floating camera. Hope this helps someone or someone else tells me I’m wrong and a better way to do it.