Player Character Creation

This might have been asked hundreds of times but there is so many topics I don’t know where to begin! So with that being said what i’m looking for is to give the player in game to create their character with sliders, option, and such, Something like make human. Any leads anyone could give, I would truly deeply appreciate any info on this topic!

Sockets and instanced meshes! It actually gets a little more involved than that. Start with getting a basic character in, and learning how to do small customization in real time. From there, make it more complicated and add control through an UMG widget:

I actually watched that video and also the whole tutorial series with adding a animation to a key with sockets. I implemented my own by following the videos, and I could see using UMG widget for the sliders themselves but I haven’t messed with instanced meshes on UE4 I will look around on that topic see what I can dig up. If anyone else has any other shortcuts that would be amazing this is a make or break feature for me for this game idea hope I dont have to go to UDK or another engine when I been spending my time enjoying UE4. Also thanks The Britain for a response!

There are no shortcuts, but the good news is; sockets and instanced meshes are pretty easy to work with. For example, if you wanted to control the hair, you could make a variable called “Hair” that is an Instanced Static Mesh. Then when you spawn the hair, you place it in the socket and set that variable and from there on, you have a nice reference to the hair.

UDK is definitely a downgrade. This type of thing is amazingly simple (albeit involved) in UE4. If you get stuck, let me know, I will lend a hand.

Sounds great i’m going to have to mess with it in a bit and see what I can do, I am new to UE4 but have the basics of variables from other engines, the thing that still confuses me is having a slider that will change the look of the mesh (not setting up the slider just the morphing of a character). I am really surprised I haven’t seen much on character creation tutorials, or in the shop this seems to be something that someone would take advantage of creating.

EDIT: I literally been searching all day on this I should have posted here much sooner LOL

I believe what you are looking for is called a “morph target”, here is an example:
Long story short, “Set Morph Target” and plug a variable into your value.
I suggest watching that whole video.
Tesla is awesome.

thanks going to watch now!

ok so I got my morphing & the HUD Slider down, now I need to figure out how to implement all these into a slider. Im confused on the next step, would I create a actor blueprint, then a variable in event graph or would I be able to do it all through a widget blueprint ?

Edit: or would it be possible to use a function

My final ask for help maybe I should just swap engines, this seems quite limited unfortunately.

Edit: making the swap to unity they have everything I need with no need to search, and many tutorials and far more help take care people

I’m not trying to drive you away, but if you’ve found an engine that can do everything you want, and make it easy for you, then it’s probably the best engine to use for your project.

UE4 is young and already super powerful, but sometimes that means that certain features aren’t as easy as we think they should be. Other engines might have specialized more, or just paid more attention to the areas you’re focusing on, and might be better for your project.

Having said that, I’m pretty confident that you’ll find that there aren’t many engines that will make this feature easy, and they probably lack in some other area instead.

My advice is to do some research and see if you can find an engine that suits your project perfectly.

Yeah you are exactly right its a shame UE4 is amazing, but just features like this that I would love to have UE4 doesn’t have much covered on which is quite shocking because I am sure alot of people would love something like this. I been spending alot of time learning UE4 and was really enjoying every moment until it came to this feature. Seems unity has everything for a price…but a **** ton of tutorials and highly active community, only problem is I don’t have much experience with it so back to the basics if I use it. It has been my dream to create this type of game for the longest time though so if starting fresh is what needs to be done I have no choice!

Not only that I do have problems with the engine with loading textures I apply and tyring to paint in paint mode, the whole engine freezes and crashes everytime :frowning:

Sorry, I have been busy. There are examples of what you are trying to do, done in blueprints. I messaged a couple of them, but I never got a reply back. So for now, their source is locked up.

I am primarily a 2D game designer, so this is out of my range, and I am not sure how to answer you. I do know it is possible. Like others said though, if you found an engine that gives you EVERYTHING you are looking for, go for it. Learning experiences are awesome, and I wouldn’t mind having a learning experience myself. Perhaps I will put together a character customization example template and put it on the marketplace.

If I do this, I will give you a copy for free to look over.

Let me follow up with a clarification. Easier, is not always better, and sure something might be more comfortable or easier in another engine, but if that engine lacks one low level feature, it will be much harder to code in that one low level feature, than figuring out how to do this on an engine WITH that feature.

No problem bud I understand yeah this seems like someone should take a advantage of creating and make some money off of, thanks again time for me to look around !