Player Centred Open World

So I want to created a large open world game (like 49km[SUP]2[/SUP] of play area). My understanding is that it is possible to create smaller assets, thus scaling everything down, but won’t this affect the physics simulation?

Another method I recently discovered is the concept of a player centred world. In a player centred world system, the world origin in set at or near the player’s location. When the player moves a certain distance away from the origin, the world origin is re-positioned to the player’s new location. So, my question is does UE4 support this system? If so, how do I enable/use it and if not, how simple would it be to implement, either through C++ or Blueprints?

this is what you are looking for!

Okay cool! But how would I go about implementing the player-centred world system specifically in UE4? It describes the concept behind that (which I already understand and detailed in my OP), but does UE4 already have built-in support for it or would I have to manually add it?