Player camera's depth of field overriding post process


I currently have a post process component inside an actor bp that I use for water. Specifically, in that post process component, I have depth of field (DoF) settings that work well for water. I also have a follow camera in my third person bp that has depth of field settings.

In editor, the water post process looks great (because nothing is overriding it), however, when I play in editor, the player camera overrides the DoF effect and, although the other aspects of the water post process work, the DoF does not. I could add a second player camera that doesn’t have a DoF effect and it would likely work if I switched between the two, but are there any other ideas on how to elegantly get around this issue?

DoF as viewed in editor

DoF as viewed through player camera



It’s a little awkward if you want a smooth transition (and I will have to fine tune a few things based on how DoF elements lerp together), but I simply created a timeline when the camera enters my water bp and blend out the post process settings in the player camera.