Player camera rotation mixed with world rotation

ok, this may sound confusing but I am having trouble finding a solution and it is driving me crazy. Ok, so, imagine you are on a roller coaster in unreal…and it’s speeding along…how would it be possible to have the player camera rotate and roll in relation to what the coaster is doing BUt also have the ability to look around with the mouse. I have tried messing with disabling “use pawn control” on the camera arm and yes that does force the camera to rotate and roll in relation to what the coast train is doing, but obviously disables the ability to look around…but then using the pawn control leaves the camera staring in one single direction whilst the coaster moves, rotates and rolls underneath it as I now dubbed the “minecraft camera” affect. So, has anyone else ever needed to address something like this and have a solution? Thanks for any help

Is this first person or third?

This would be first person

So the answer is to allow free control, but vinterp the camera position back to the same as the actor position, which is what it would be if they had no control.

I will get back in a while with an example…

Never even heard on vinterp haha. I greatly appreciate it!

Ok, it all happens inside the roller coaster. I assume you have it ( or intend to have it ) on a spline.

The control of the player goes like this:

The timeline takes 10 seconds to go from 0 - 1, which is lerped to the length of the spline. The nodes after the timeline force the player to ‘sit’ on the roller coaster.

We -could- put the rotation in there too, but that would not let them look around, because it’s locked every frame to the roller coaster.

So, we need something more forgiving, that’s where rinterp comes in:

This code allows them to look around, but the moment they stop doing that, it will train their vision back on the coaster.

thanks, i’ll give that a try and see how it turns out…fingers crossed

Yes, sorry, it’s a ‘whole thing’…

it actually worked! Thanks