Player Camera resets

For some reason my camera always resets to the head of my character, even though that area is never specified as a camera.

Here is my camera/ player in the viewport:

Then, once the characters is procedurally spawned, at the start of the game and is possessed by the player controller the camera resets to this:

This is right in the head of my character, it’s not as if the camera is moving or anything. This happens when I use an external camera too.

*This happened after I had removed the default camera from the character, set it to an external camera with code, saw that the same thing was happening and then re-added the camera, but still results in this issue…

Someone please help.

There may be some problems
1st check auto activate check box on this camera. then if you are using custom script on this camera check if there is not mistakes and after this set this camera as default camera after posses.

Auto activate is on. It should be on right?

Not errors in compiling.

How do Is"set camera as default camera after posses"?

Set target view with blend.
and 1st parameter is player controller and second is camera reference.

Still gets reset.

It works for a second but then resets back to between the soldiers.

Problem is Set view target with blend, because you are setting target actor. so it means this script sets actors position to camera. So use simple activate function

It still doesn’t work; “set view target” does what I want, but then a second later teleports again.

Activating the camera does nothing.

This was happening because of the possession.

You cannot possess and set view target together.

any fix for this?