Player Camera Manager did not set correctly on the network client


I am working on a multiplayer game and managed to create and join a session from a client to the server. I have a default camera manager class in the controller. After seamless travel with default handlers, it spawned the default characters for both players on the server and set up the camera correctly. The camera is broken on the client. This is the debug info that I collected.
I used editor preview as a client and able to debug and browse the level objects in real-time.

  • On the client, the camera is set to the one in the centre of the level (basic camera object. not sure where it came from, seems to be auto generated from the engine).
  • There is a player camera manager and both characters in the level.
  • If I move the character in the client I cannot see it there but it is replicated in the server.
  • If I click on a character in the level browser, I can see its current view point.
  • When I attached the debugger to the client, there is a camera manager attached to the controller but it does not have any characters attached to it.

I used a similar code base with cameras attached to characters in the past and it worked fine in multiplayers.

Thank you