Player Building System

Hello i know some members on have created nice player building systems.
And i was looking to do a atempt on it my self and i be happy to share my findings.
But i have no clue where to actualy start.

In my mind the logical first step is to have a way to determen height of the terrain at a given location.
But if someone have the time i very much apprichiate any tips i can get.


I find it helps to break down the problem into finite steps on paper first.

For instance you know you will need to:

-get an event from the player ( a click or keypress probably)
-know where the player is looking, or where the player is trying to place the object (likely use traces for this)
-spawn an object
-position the object correctly in the world

once you have the basic requirements broken down you can figure out strategies for each of them in more detail.

Yes i have the 3/4 atm :slight_smile: working collision detection and so on.
I will keep updating when i have more.

Lookin’ awesome!

Way to go :slight_smile: submitted my system to the marketplace well still waiting to see it on the trello…

you can check out a webgl demo at http://.net/playerstructure

It will just work with 64-Bit Browser… And its confirmed to work with firefox so far…

The Material Errors come due to html5 is still experimental :slight_smile:

I made a building system lik in “The Forest” game and shared it (the shared version is outdated and not finished, but I think it will help you out

You can find it on my signature links.


Very cool!
@ can i ask how you did the snaping to corners if its not a trade secret. ;)?
And are you using tags, and are etch building elements a seperate actor or 1 BPs with instenced meshes?
Edit: I have an idea now it should be rather simple to use the Bounds of the mesh to get the correct cordinats :wink:

Also i can`t get the page to load it downloads the data but nothing happens after.
Am running Firefox, also tryed with IE and Chrome. no luck

: Love The Forest looks awsome.

1 Building 1 Actor. All parts are instanced meshes. No tags and the snaping is some bad voodoo magic ^^

So i got the basic functionality now i wasted alot of time trying to do this with overlapping events first.
Before i realized i needed to use traces, anyways long way to go, working on the snaping to other objects now.
That i think will take a bit time.

EDIT: So got the snaping logic down, great fun! :slight_smile: