Player building system

hey everyone… i’ve been spending a ton of time running around these forums grabbing bits and pieces from all over… and so far i got a huge terrain… a rock… a few trees and a blue man lol
but now i figured id try and dive into something a bit more complicated and try and accomplish it in blueprint… since everything can be made possible in blueprint :slight_smile:

i would like to make a player building system and crafting… kind of like what fortnite shows in their demos… maybe not as awesome but a rough start
but i have no idea on where i should begin or what it entails so i was hoping you guys could push me off in the right direction so i can start on the endless nights of blueprinting


Well, the first thing you would start with is spawn something dynamically, by pressing some key for example.
Next step would be making actor class with a trigger volume within it, which will allow you to build your building when player enters this trigger volume(for example, make bool variable in your character class which you will check against when building, that should be set to true when you enter the named volume and set to false when you leave it).

It’s all i could suggest you so far, since it was kind of “too general” question :slight_smile: Feel free to ask anything more specific :slight_smile:

well to be more specific i want to take fortnites building… i cant get over how amazing it is, how u can place walls… floors stairs and such so dynamically and fluidly,
and stick it in an open world where players can pick an area of land… kind of like Archeages “safe building” zones… but the player finds a spot in the huge world and marks out his own plot
only able to be so big x so big… and then constructing his base ect

Well i have a Rust-Style Building System WiP

You can place Foundations on the Terrain if they dont Collide with Trees, Stones and other Stuff. They may also not be placed too near to each other (exept you are extending them)
You can place Pillars ontop of Foundations in 9 different positions.

It would be easy to implement more stuff like walls, ceilings, random stuff like boxes etc but iam busy with another project :slight_smile: Anyway if that is wat you are looking for i may point you into a direction.

that would be a perfect direction, you did all of that in blueprint?
amazing work

Yes its all pure blueprint.

Ive created some custom classes. A parent “Brush” class wich contains some essential stuff etc, Child Build Brush Classes (of the Builder Brush Class) for each piece i want to be able to “build”. They handle the collision / overlap detection for coloring and place actions. And final Classes for the “Build” stuff with collision, tags and behaviour.

So this is how i do it:

My Player Controller (well actually the Character) does a Line trace. or better 3 of them. 1 a bit left of the screen center 1 to the center and one to the right. If my Builder Brush is active i mean when iam in build mode the trace is passed to the active builder brush when i hit something. The builder brush then decides what to do. As for the Foundation it checks if i hit a landscape. It then does additional checks to see if another foundation to “snap on” is near or if iam to near to other foundations. The pillar brush has some similar behaviour it just checks first if i hit a foundation. and so on.

The whole thing would be to much to explain right now but this is how it works for me. If you got any more questions just ask. If i find some time i could at least make you a simple project to place some stuff like crates or something so you get an idea on how to do it.

Also be aware that this method may not be the best to do so

well so far i only have a basic health hunger stamina system… still putting together a basic inventory and such, i was hoping i could get in the basics of the build system quick but it seems like a long night of coffee and testing :P, why would it be a bad method to use?

This system took me 2 weeks and like 4 other versions until i came up with this one :)… the biggest problem was the math behind :S

Would it be possible for you to share you blueprints this system looks really good and i would love to play with it

let me finish & clean the system first^^

great thanks man :smiley:

Wow this is awesome great job ! I think if there was a simple template with your blueprints of the system that would help develop the idea faster and find the best way to accomplish a building system.

Great work ! :slight_smile:

You’re amazing :stuck_out_tongue: I look forward to getting my hands dirty and sifting through that system, this is something that interests me, not so much to include into my game but more to see how you’ve done it. I am sure that I can find a way to use it in some type of demo scene once you release it though.

I love the fact that the community likes to help each other with things like this and share their findings.

Well iam curently working on a new system. So far the one shown in the pictures has working foundations, pillars and walls. Iam going to release this as a prototype when i finished the rewritten one, so ppl get an idea on how to do such stuff :slight_smile:

Awesome thanks man :slight_smile:

Very nice