Player being flung into space

I am trying and failing to make an, on paper, simple character. What I want is to have a physics based ball and be able to add force to it with a player input to throw it across a 2D plane. The issue I am running into already is collisions. I have two blueprints only, one of them being a gamemode and the other a character so it can be recognised by the gamemode.

The above image shows a capsule for collision surrounding a default sphere mesh. I have set simulate physics on the capsule and collision to physics only, object type pawn. I also have physics constraints on the XZPlane. This is a must, but even upon turning this off the ball quickly becomes this blurry mess:
I’m probably approaching this game concept from the wrong angle entirely but I can’t think of what this kind of game would be in order to look up tutorials and such.
Thank you for any help

Hey @DebbyDIIAB1! Welcome to the Forums!

I can see your problem. The character class of blueprints automatically come with a capsule component which will be your collisions instead of the ball. What you need instead is a pawn for your ball character.

Check out this non-Epic affiliated video that has a similar premise:

I hope the above is the solution you need!

Thank you, I’ll try it out soon and let you know how I get on

Seems that capsule component was the culprit, thank you. I have a progressing project now!