Player animation crazy spin on multiplayer replication

Whenever the character moves or changes orientation the animation played on the other player is spinned like crazy until the character stops moving in which the normal idle or attack animation is played.

This is on a multiplayer game based on the third-person template.

This does not happen if I launch the map directly on local, skipping the steam integration and the lobby system, although I believe this should not have any impact?

The orientation is not replicated at the moment.

Another issue I have which might or might not be related is that I have to keep the mouse click down to move the camera view with the mouse. This is caused by the mouse not being grabbed when traveling from the mainmenu and I’m fixing it at the moment.

The problem was that I had set Use Controller Rotation on the base character class instead of this character class.and there was something going on with this. Probably a conflict with the default movement replication.