Player and vehicle possessing


I have a question about the playerController, usually I prefer handling input in the player controller and simply ask the character/pawn to move/jump etc, now if I have a game where I can possess a character and vehicles so should I do everything in one player controller class for example if inVehicle then send move command to vehicle otherwise send it to character or is it possible to switch to another player controller class which I can then use for vehicles only.

Thanks a lot.

A popular method when multiple types of characters/pawns are being possessed is to put all of the specific input handling in the character/pawn so that when it is possessed it uses that input scheme. I still put all of the input that is common to all character/pawns in the Player Controller (such as menu/UMG interaction). As far as I can tell, this is the way the engine was meant to be used as there is already a scheme for passing input from one object to another until it gets consumed.

Yeah I’m familiar with that scheme, your suggestion makes sense also I agree with the UMG input in the controller, good point.

Thanks for answering.