Player and Dino Character Status BPs, how to remap them in a mod?

I can’t seem to figure this one out, I’m trying to remap the PlayerCharactuerStatusComponent_BP, along with the dino versions of it, but can’t seem to find a remap point in Primal game data for them, do I have to remap the NPC entries, and if so, where do I find these in them? I looked over PlayerPawn_Test BP and couldn’t find this, so I don’t know where to look for it to change it in a mod.

its in components on the dino

ah, I had to reparent after I copied them, otherwise they had inherited the status component of the base blueprint. Here’s the process:

Find the Blueprint
Copy Blueprint to Mod Folder
Reparent Blueprint if it is something like “Trike_Character_BP_Saddle”, this is parented to “Trike_Character_BP”, and inherits stats from it. Same thing for Player Pawns, Male and Female are parented to PlayerPawnTest, and will have to be reparented when copied to a mod folder.
After that was done, I went in and delete the status components and replaced them with my own and it worked when I tested after remapping everything.

its the same for structures eg. storage box