Player alignment with other actor

How can I alignment my player with any other actor eg enemy or door?

Alignment in what sense? Rotation?

If you want your player to point towards another actor, you could use the Find Look At Rotation node, get your player’s world position as the start vector, and the actor you want to align to’s world position as the target vector, and then set your player’s rotation to the resulting rotator using a set World Rotation node. Or you may want to use a Set Control Rotation node, if you want to force the player to look at some object.
You may need to expand on what you are wanting to do though.

Thank you for reply, sorry I don’t tell in full details as I thought it might be “too long to read” heh… I have two reason what I can use this…

First reason -
As see in other topic about A-B sync animation in blueprint

This one where I want enemy AI and player skeletons animation sync… What I got is offsetting and not perfect sync.

Reason two.
In this one of gameplay where force player look at knob while press to open the door I would like it to animation sync with door open while hand are on knob…
Item pick up, force player look at item while animation do grab the item.

Good example - outlast and Aliens isolated.

I can’t help with the animation, but for your second reason, what I described above should get you what you want.
For example the below blueprint would force the player to look at a Target Point placed in the scene, they can move as normal but their camera will turn to look wherever the target point is: