Player Accessible, AI Inventory System

I currently have a player inventory system, but I am trying to give the AI an inventory system that will be accessible to the player. I am attempting to make an AI that will go out searching for trees and will hit them in order to get wood. So far I got it to go over to the tree and hit, but there is no inventory for the AI to collect any wood(The player can get wood from swinging an axe at the tree but the AI cannot). Any ideas how I can achieve this? Maybe if the player is in the area and if the AI hits the tree, the wood will directly go in the player’s inventory? Or I could give the AI a player inventory component, but how would I make it externally available to the player?

I know there are RTS Templates with AI’s that go out a hit tree’s and collect wood but how would I combine this AI into my first-person game?