Playback Timing Issues Exporting from UE4 Sequencer (From Datasmith Imported Files)

Hi there, I’m having issues exporting video from my sequencer where certain sequencers play faster when exported than in the viewport.

I exported large geometries from 3Ds Max, some of which with complex animation that has been baked when I export to datasmith to UE4.

I have multiple assets in my level from datasmith exports, each of with come with their own sequencer file with the animation data.

I have a cameratrack in one of the squencers, and when I preview in the viewport when I hit “play”, all the animated assets are timed correctly and are locked at 30fps.

When I export the sequencer to a jpg sequence or mov at locked 30fps, the video preview shows certain actors playing earlier than they should, or playing faster.

I have no idea how to troubleshoot this, and would greatly appreciate any help, thank you!