Playback speed of MediaPlayer when Rendering Movie in Sequencer

Got a problem with Rendering Sequencer Movies and could not find an answer.
I got a space with serveral “Videowalls” using Media Player …
All movies are playing in the right speed if i play the level.

But if i render out a movie sequence, created with the sequencer,
the movies on the videowalls are playing very fast and not at normal speed
like if you play the game. Anyone got a hint for me?

I also tried to render out at 25 fps … that is the source fps of the media
textures i am using for the screens in my scene.

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Setting playback rate works. Event tick > set rate is working for my purpose … need to record a small movie of a flyaround.

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So I ran into this issue a week ago, and was the biggest pain in the ■■■ ever and I don’t know why but I found a solution. In the level sequencer you must do a few things. 1. Add a time dialation track. 2. Make sure all tracks are selected before you click the render button. 3. in the render settings you must use a jpeg sequence or png or exr sequence. 4. you have to add warm up frames.

Have had the same issues and could not get it running at the correct speed no matter what. In the end I used media texture player which is now my preferred method, with a little bit of extra work to convert your source file into frames it works well for me all the time.

Also, probably something obvious but has caught me out in the past, make sure when you record your movie that it’s matching the same frame rate that is show in your timeline.

How is this fixed? All my output renders are sped up but I need to sync them with audio and this makes it impossible

I have a media texture applied to a mesh and it’s playing a video. It works fine when I play in editor, but when I render out the video from Sequencer, the video plays way too fast. I tried setting the Play rate in blueprints, but did nothing. How do I get it to play at normal speed when rendering out a video/image sequence?

any update on my issue ?. .