Playback Rate for Timelines

The timeline node should allow us to set a playback rate in seconds.

I create normalized timelines where the duration is 0…1 seconds and the value ranges between 0…1

If I treat my timeline curves like sine waves, I can just multiply the output by a fixed value to get an “amplitude” shift. However, I can’t create a “period” shift where I stretch the duration of the timeline with a multiplier or setting a fixed period. I’d like to be able to say, “Make this normalized timeline last for six seconds”.

This could be particularly valuable when you have time dilation in effect or are trying to create generic functions like, “Fade In” with a fade duration parameter.

Working today on a similar effect, this functionality is really needed for any type of transition dilation.

This is already possible. Each timeline actually creates a variable in the variables list, which is a reference to the underlying UTimelineComponent. You can drag it into the graph and then call things like SetPlayRate or Stop/PlayFromStart/etc…

Michael Noland