Playback of Tracking + Captured Video

Hi folks, I’m pretty new to UE4 realtime VFX workflows, and I’m pouring through all of the documentation and tutorial videos, but I’ve hit a snag.

We are capturing tracking data from the Stype RedSpy using the take recorder, which is working great. Now I have that data in Sequencer, and it plays back perfectly. Now, I want to make changes to the lighting and textures of the level, but I want to be able to overlay the video captured from the camera synchronized with the recorded tracking data in the sequencer.

I can see that there is a Media source for the sequencer timeline, and I can get my footage on the sequencer timeline… but… now what? I found some documentation that shows how to use the Media track to play back video/image sequences as a media texture, such as on a plane appearing in the scene, but how do I just go about getting that media source to just play in my viewport overlaid with the realtime scene?

If you have the stype red spy Recording Instructions pdf, i think it details how to deal with media and playing back recorded sequences. You have to change the stpyetracking component (in the camera) to Playback first.

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