Play Viewport Issue with Window Scaling + 4k - Help Please!

I’m using a 4k monitor and launch the unreal editor with -enablehighdpi and windows scaling of 175%. My eyes require me to work at these settings.

My issue is dragging an inventory widget I made with “GetScreenSpacePosition”. So I imagine, trying to get the mouse screen position for just about anything else will be inaccurate when play testing with UI.

When I set the windows scaling to anything higher than 100%, the widget does NOT go where the mouse is in “Play Viewport” because windows scaling combined with the highdpi mode throws it off.

When I set the windows scaling to 100% there are no issues. Everything is miniature though, I don’t see how anyone can work like that very long. The mouse location also works with “Standalone” because the windows scaling is no longer communicating with unreal in high dpi mode. Standalone unfortunately will also hinder work flow when working on new mechanics.

How can I fix this?!

I don’t know how to edit the play in viewport dpi scaling or how to approach this. Would DPI scale rule or DPI curve scaling fix this in Engine - User Interface? – Should I be fixing this on a blueprint/c++ level? I’m not sure how -enablehighdpi scales the application - like what numbers I should be applying.

Might find some help in this thread. Not sure.

Hello WildCard,

This may have been fixed in 4.21!