Play video backwards from end to beginning in media player


I have a mesh with a video texture on it using a media player. At a certain point I need this video to be played from the end to the beginning. I tried using the rewind node but it did not work. My current solution looks like this:

But this does not work as well. I hope somebody can help me achieve this.
Thanks in advance

It seems like you can use the “Reverse Play Rates”.

See the Media Player documentation for its options:

Well the only thing I see in the documentation regarding “Reverse Play Rates” is a get method which will get me the supported rates. But I simply want to play the video from the end to the beginning once.
Thanks for the input but it does not get me closer to what I want to achieve.

You need to Seek first, then SetRate to a negative rate. Do not call Play as it is equivalent to SetRate(1.0).

Do not call SetRate or any other player command right after OpenSource. The media source will need some time to open and initialize. You should bind to the OnMediaOpened event instead and perform your player commands from there.

Starting with 4.18, there should be no need for seeking to the end. You can simply call SetRate with a negative rate after the media opened successfully. The player will automatically seek to the end for you and start playback with the desired rate.

what’s the correct video format to use? I tried MP4 H.264 - reverse playback was jumpy and inconsistent

Have you found out the answear? I’m searching for the same problem…

another method lies within using ffmpeg for video decoding, or something valve proton, in order to implement it in ue4, and then dump it to c++ encapsulate it, and using it for video decoding