Play two audio from C++ one after another


I am downloading audio data from server and creating USoundWaveProcedural objects and playing them via UAudioComponent as follows:

this->audioComponent = FindComponentByClass<UAudioComponent>();
           this->audioComponent->OnAudioFinished.AddDynamic(this, &AStudioManager::handleAudioFinish);

            USoundWaveProcedural *audio = NewObject<USoundWaveProcedural>();
            audio->NumChannels = numberOfChannels;
            audio->Duration = INDEFINITELY_LOOPING_DURATION;
            audio->SoundGroup = SOUNDGROUP_Voice;
            audio->bLooping = false;
            audio->QueueAudio(reqdAudioData, audioData.size());

It works fine.

However, my handleAudioFinish method is not called because the duration is set to INDEFINITELY_LOOPING_DURATION. I tried to not set the Duration at all and also tried setting to 0.0 but it did not help.

What can I do to make the handleAudioFinish method get called after the audio being played is finished irrespective of the audio length?

Thanks in Advance,
Akshay Shah.