Play testing not working right

Hey, when I hit play, my character starts the map, but can’t look around, move, and doesn’t spawn at the player start, but instead another room, the same room, every time.

-post a pic of your level
-do you probably have two player starts in your level?
-have you probably placed the character bp into your level
-which template do you use?
-the character gets spawned?
-probably a collision is blocking your player start -> check for hidden collisions :slight_smile:

That is what happens when I click play,
I only have 1 player start
I haven’t placed the character bp in my level
I used the FPS template
The character is spawned, yeah
And I don’t currently have any collisions that would do anything, as only the floors, walls, and ceilings are placed as of right now. I do spawn under the floor, but even after moving the floor, it’s not fixed.

Also, play from here doesn’t work either

-check your world settings -> at gamemode you should choose the fps gamemode
-move the player start high above your meshes and try it again
-are you abel to play with your character in one of the template maps?

I am in the FPS gamemode,
Moving my player above the meshes doesn’t work either,
And no, I’m not able to play in a template map

Ok, then it’s a problem with your project.

-open the character bp and check if you can see a mesh in the component tab + if you can also see some nodes in the event graph and if you probably get an error/warning
-open the project settings and under the axis mapping check if you can see some inputs in there

There are 2 meshes in the component tab, Mesh1P, which is a child of FirstPersonCamera, and Mesh (Inherited) which is a child of CapsuleComponent. I have no errors or warnings, and yeah, I do have the inputs under axis mappings

Hmm, really strange. So in your character bp you can see the arm mesh?
Would it be possible that you could send me the project so that I can take a look at it → I just need the map file + the fps template stuff
Also check your gamemode if you have assigned the right character bp, player controller,…

Ok, we solved it -> he had to assign the right character bp to the gamemode :slight_smile: