Play test my level on a LAN server?

Hi all,

So I was just wondering if anyone would know how I would be able to run my level as say a server and have my friends connect to it so I can play test it?

I know that there’s a “run as dedicated server” option somewhere on the “play” option but I’m not entirely sure how that process would work ;-;

Help would be greatly appreciated!!

you need a static ip address. Then have your friends connect with the same IP. Most “home” networks will have an elastic IP, so you will need to figure out how to get a static one… Perhaps or some service like this? I don’t think you need the dedicated server to do this. Search for “ue4 multiplayer ip” and you should find something to help you.

I’m doing this from my school campus (assuming first of all I could convince them to get UE4 installed, I tried putting my map in an older version of Unreal that they have here called “Unreal Frontend” and my map just crashes). Will this change anything?