Play Store vs Steam Profit Potential

Though both different platforms, and can be work together as well, I mean same game may be ported to both platforms. Do ya still think that now a days Play store can be bring better exposure than Steam for Indie developers.

For me, without any prior experience, I think Play store has more potential than steam on an average in terms of profitability. It’s more versatile, and WELL-KNOWN for every field (paid, In-app and free-advertising) though refund policy is worse, if i can recall properly. Along with exponential growth of Android market.

Those are completely different markets

Yup, that’s the kinda discussion, which market can get your game more exposure :slight_smile:

Steam = PC
PlayStore = Mobile

Mobile = PlayStore + iOS App Store
PC = Steam

nuff said :cool:

Well the actual CPI in play store is crazy, I think that you have more possibilities of create a fanbase with minus money on steam.

You MAY create games for all platforms with same resources, skill & infrastructure. That’s the similarity :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends on game - there are very successful games in both markets. Both markets are fairly saturated. No easy standard answer here

Exposure depends on marketing.
Mobile market is highly flooded with games, all with the same name, making it impossible to sift to yours.
Steam Green light looks good, but I haven’t put anything up on there at all.