Play/Stop sound cue with AxisInput and Torque?

I want to create some sound effects, for the Rolling Ball template, and i need some help. First the sound effect is looping forever, and i just want to play it, when it gets some input using the AxisInput. If i release all axis/keys (so i don’t press anything) then it should looping the sound effect until the ball has fully stopped, (so the sound should play only when the ball is moving) and also this sound effect should only be playable if the ball is on the ground.
How could this be done?


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Welp, that’s an old topic, but it applies exactly to my issue and I haven’t found anything useful yet.

Essentially I have a AxisInput controllable boat pawn which I want to have a Sound effect playing when moving, and stopping it when not (just like OP).
Here’s how it looks in action: UE4-concept01-control_solved - YouTube

I followed this Tutorial by Matt Aspland, implementing Footstep sounds for the FPP character, but it doesn’t do anything. At least I ain’t hearing a thing.

Here’s how my Blueprint setup looks:

Maybe the Get Velocity has to be applied differently because the movement is different than of the FPP character?

Any help and advice are highly appreciated :slight_smile: