Play specific animation via blueprint

I use topdown template and its animation of mesh.
Can i play specific/part of animation? For example only jump animation?

Is this possible to run animation back, for example walk back?

“Play Animation” block responsible for playing anim.

The question is how to show animation and perform movement together?

All of this is possible, you just have to clarify a little what you mean. Do you want the character to jump all the time? To jump at specific places in the map?

If you want the player to jump when you move forward then take a look in the animation blueprint and the player bp, then replace the walk with jump (both functionality and animation) and it’ll work. So instead of the player walking forward you want the player to jump forward in the direction you are placing.

If it’s not a real jump, not that the player actually has to jump, then just add an animation with jumping in the walk animation.

Did this help?

I tried to create moon walk. I took animation of idle walk and move actor to any coordinates. Actually i got only idle walk. :rolleyes: