Play sounds at location

Thanks so much! I was missing the impact point on my logic, works great. Id assume Id want some sort of delay after the play sound at location to stagger these sounds, getting a machine gun effect right now.

Also, I had two other collision capsules (one for each arm) with that logic set up and it didnt seem to fire, any idea why that would be? I want to have a more exaggerated collision but more so in specific areas and not a huge sphere.

thanks again!

Hey all,

looking to play sounds when the capsule of my player character collides with anything in the world. I.E. bumping into a wall etc. How and where would I set this up? I cant seem to get any of the on overlap or hit events to trigger anything



In order for overlap events to work both collisions will need ‘Generate Overlap Events’ enabled, I would not recommend this as it can end up being very time consuming adding this to all your walls, objects etc.

I would recommend using hit events. In order for hit events to trigger you will need collision (block all) enabled on both actors.

Inside the actor you want to do the logic, click on the capsule component then click


And then do some logic:

Hope this helps!