Play Sound

Hi , i use “play sound at location” node and it’s playing well , but when I use the “Audio Component” (Sound), in my blueprint to play a sound, i’ve no sound and got an error (Accessed None Sound From Node “SetWorldLocation” in graph “Event Graph” in Blueprint ‘charkh’ ) , please help. note (i use wave format asset for “set sound” node and audio component object reference for “sound” variable , and i can’t set default value for Audio Component (Sound) by using wave assets that i have )

The target of SetWorldLocation is a Scene Component, which your Sound variable is not nor is it referencing a scene component. To actually create a Scene Audio Component, you need to create it using the +Add Component button in the top left corner of the Components tab. An alternative to using an Audio Component, you could also create a variable that is the type of Sound Base. Then play that sound using nodes such as Play Sound at Location/Attached.