play sound when falling with delay

i want to add a scream sound when player falls for a specific time and stop after landing on the ground.

so far this setup works to start and stop the sound, but there is a problem:
when i repeatedly jump again and again it also triggers the sound between jumps, but i want it only to appear when i fall for a specific time, for example after -2 seconds of falling without landing- in my case and i cant figure it out how to prevent that

any ideas?

You can use timeline instead delay, and if landed before 2sec just stop this timeline

As example

Thanks for your input, but i think that is no solution for my case, because i need to have more stuff going on after the “event on landed” event and that seems not possible using the timeline.

Might you have another solution, or an idea to correct my setup regarding the mentioned problem?

nevermind, i was dumb, your solution seems to work perfect, thank your very much