Play Sound Attached not playing all sounds properly

I’m using a “play sound attached” node in my blueprint, and I’ve noticed that it only plays some of the sound properly. I can’t tell exactly why - it plays .wav files and sound cues, but some sound cues don’t seem to work.

Specifically, it won’t play the AssaultRifle_Reload_cue file that comes with the ShooterGame example content. I’m fairly certain it’s not related to an improper location or attenuation setting, because other sounds seem to work just fine.

I’m able to play this sound cue by adding a Sound component to my Blueprint, and then using a “play sound” node in my blueprint.

I’m pretty sure there’s a bug here, but maybe there’s another explanation?

I’m noticing this as well. It is not playing the full length of the sound for me. I am using the sound when firing a weapon.