Play sound at location when trigger box is overlaped

Hello. I’m currently in process of making a horror game and I have a problem. I tried to make a blueprint where when the player overlaps the trigger box, a sound should be played at a location and after 20 seconds stopped, but when I start the scene, the sound starts playing by itself. Below is a picture of how I tried to do it.

Something is overlapping your TriggerBox14 by default and its not your player.

You do something like this:

Also, use Spawn Sound at Location instead of Play Sound at Location so you can get a reference of the sound object and stop it later on.

Your answer works, but when I tried the game with headphones, it still sounds like it is playing the sound from the player.
My blueprint looks like this now:

  1. You need to create a SoundCue object and add your SoundWave (CryingWoman) by dragging your SoundWave to the graph.
  2. Add Attenuation node and connect your SoundWave Output → Attenuation Output → Output
  3. Click on Attenuation node and modify the details on the left to configure how far you should hear the sound.

  1. And then on your TriggerBox, assign your sound as SoundCue instead of SoundWave

You didn’t understand me and I did not express myself fully. I want the sound to play away from the player like from a wall, not from the player. I have no problems with retriggering.

It works now. Thank you for your help and patience.