"Play sound at location" is not working properly.

I’m attempting to make the default projectile play a sound at its hit location.
Here is what I have set up.

Right now, it prints the display name of the object which works fine, it places an explosion effect at the hit location, which also works fine, and it doesn’t play the sound correctly. What I mean by that is if the ball hits right next to the player, it’s the same volume as if the ball were to hit farther away. No matter how far out i shoot the projectile, it still is the same volume. I could be mistaken that the play sound at location doesn’t automatically alter the volume, but I have no idea, and the wiki page doesn’t have any documentation on my problem. Thanks for reading.

Does the sound have attenuation set up? It’s default might play as an ambient sound.

It’s set to what it was at default. It just says select asset. However, it says in the wiki next to Attenuation: “Override attenuation settings package to play sound with”. I think that it’s already supposed to have an attenuation set to it.

I’m not sure, but if you are using the WAV file as your sound and not the CUE, I’d find the WAV in the content browser, open it up and check if the attenuation has been overridden and given some sort of range.

I’ve figured out how to set the attenuation and how to alter it. Thanks for leading me in the right direction. :smiley: