Play slot animation causes T-POSE


I am developing a fighter. For my combo’s I have an udataasset tree (so a move can have list with moves, this is for combos). For example square => triangle combo looks different than square => square. To go from movement to combo I toggle a bool to select a slot in the animation and do playslotanimation. Everyting works great, besides the end of this slot animation. At the end couple milliseconds before I toggle the bool the game show a t-pose.

So when the animation ends on the slot a t-pose is shown. Is there a way to make the slot animation pause on the last frame instead?

Review your error log.
From how you describe it I would expect one animation is for another skeleton or invalid, thrown an error and causing the t pose.

The obvious: are you sure the animations don’t end in a t pose? If so, just cut the frames.

The nasty: you can use a pose snapshot but you have to trigger it on/off accurately in BP.

You may want to review some of the topics in here with much more complex situations and explanations about combos.

The animation is from the asset store. And I am using the mesh/skeleten that came with the animation.
But also the animation plays out until the end. When the animation ends it becomes a T-POSE

I am fairly certain the animations don’t end on a T pose. I am using the following animation pack.

There aren’t any combo system’s that are deterministic (for use in p2p games) made public (via forum posts or tutorials)

There’s plenty of explanations on how to do it right using buffers.

Idk about the t-pose.
If you reviewed the specific animation and it doesn’t end back in a t-pose itself, then you need to look up the log as there’s bound to be a bad animation in the mix.

Ever use debug animation?
Turn that on.
And do a slowmo .5

Maybe even film it so you can review it several times to read the animation names as they transition.

The newer engine also has a “film and scrub” debugging feature (never used it, because the new engines suck and are completely worthless, but if you are on .26 or greater you should have a look at it. It’s a great feature to debug animations)…