'Play Slot Animation as Dynamic Montage' Node loops forever

Hi guys I want to use the “Play Slot Animation as Dynamic Montage” Node to play a one-shot animation. As I understand the docu this is exactly what the node is meant for. Unfortunately my animation will play in an infinite loop when using this. Googling the topic revealed, that the node shouldnt even be capeable of looping infinitely, which made me even more confused… :confused:

I call the function using an event:

And apply it as an additive animation on my anim graph:

UE version is 4.26

Edit: Unplugging the “Montage Set Next Section” Node helped. But I dont really understand why

Edit2: This is really annoying. Most of the time the animation just plays once and finishes. But in some occasions I still have the animation get stuck in an endless loop :frowning:

2 things.

  1. the montage can have a loop if you set it to loop.
    Look up how to make montages loop - and make sure that your montage is not set up to loop.

2)you are taking the return value of play montage and setting it as the next section.
Won’t that just play the montage over and over in a loop? At least logically?
Nevermind the fact it shouldn’t even be possible XD

Hi! The peoblem was that I used „ Play Slot Animation as Dynamic Montage“ also for other stuff. I created a new distinct montage instead to solve it