Play / Simulate - Current Camera Location - NOT WORKING

Switching to the function Play / Simulate - Current Camera Location, is not working at all, it was working last week, now it is broken and doesn’t function in my project. What can I do to get this functioning again, other than making a brand new level / map blueprint? Since the levels are not very small, being only able to test from player start is unacceptable.

I haven’t messed with any NavMesh settings, and did not program the code to load only at the default player start.

This project was created with the FPS template, with C++ code enabled, and with Android settings checked; starter content was not enabled to save space. Only thing new I did was update to 4.26.1.

This is not an ultimate fix for the issue at hand if wanting to retain the data, code, blueprint of the Player Character.

There seemed to be an issue with the Player Character I had. When I started my project I saved a copy of my blank Player Character.

This is what I did to fix the above issue:

  1. Delete the Player Character that caused the test / simulate to load only at spawn
  2. Delete the original Player Start
  3. Add a Player Character with no meshes linked
  4. Add a new Player Start

It won’t work if you have a character manually placed in the level with auto possess, otherwise it’s fine…