Play or Simulate Crash

Whenever I play or simulate the game the engine crashes. I was setting up an actor with a trigger volume that would allow input before I noticed the problem. Perhaps that’s causing it?

There were 2 logs, not sure if this is the right one.


My PC is definitely capable of running the engine.


Maybe it has something to do with your specs, your computer might not be able to handle it. Can you please send your specs?

Posted them.

Hi Athaen,

Can you post the log file of the editor? You’ll find it here, C:\ProgramData\Epic\Engine\Saved\Logs, there should be a UE4.log file corresponding to your last run, that may have the information as to why it is crashing.

The next time it crashes and you get the crash Dialog, in the description can you write your username? That will help me find it in the crash reporter when it comes through, thanks!


Just posted it now.

Can you also post the log file i mentioned here?

It tells me it’s an invalid file type… I had to save it as a text file before it lets me.