Play only one channel on stereo sound

Is there any way to mute or change the volume of only one (right/left) sound channel from a stereo sound? My goal here is to play a music file twice once with left and once with right with position sound for better VR listening.

Not quite sure what you’re trying to do, but if you want to HRTF spatialize a stereo source, you’ll have to split it up into 2 mono streams and play them at the same time and spread out in space.

Ok. My plan was to allow users to play their own music files and have a virtual stereo system with right/left separation from each speaker.

If I could mute one channel I would play the song twice at the same time with each speaker having a different channel muted. I tested with hand separated channel files and it worked but needed to be able to do it in real time.

Allowing users to submit their own music is, of course, not supported out of the box.

You can do it if you can program some C++ but it’s not going to be easy unless you know how to manipulate audio files (probably just doing a .wav import).

  1. You’d do it by parsing the file supplied by the user (load file location from disk, parse it using a .wav parser or write your own)

  2. deinterleave the stereo source into it’s left/right channels into 2 independent mono sources (optionally re-serialize this if you want to keep it around and avoid having to do this step in the future),

3)feed that split audio separately into a new custom procedural sound wave (you could use the new synth component to make this easier). Each procedural sound wave/synth component would be treated as independent sources and you could control each as if they were regular mono sources, including being able to HRTF spatialize it.

It’s doable, but you’ll need to write some code.

Thanks, yea that’s what I’ll probably end up doing. Your currently actually able to play mp3 by loading it through code and using the (incomplete) media player without a video texture.

I’ve got the code to load files was just hoping to avoid having to tear apart an mp3 if possible. Thanks for the advice :).