Play one-off blendspace anim in a slot, in code

After having had to take some time off, I’m back and trying to implement playing one-off blendspace anims, for things like throwing a knife in the direction of the cursor on click, etc. This answers page helped with getting a form of playing the blendspace working, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to blend it with the current anim or play it in a slot, in order to prevent it from playing the animation over the entire body.

Does anyone have any insight or experience to share on this topic? I’m currently going through the API and looking into some of the BP node implementations, but it’s very slow going. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Still haven’t made any headway on this. Even trying to step through in blueprints, I encounter the same problem: there’s nothing to allow playing of a one-off blendspace that is properly animating over the upper body of my character. I can’t use any layered blend nodes or slots, as far as I can tell. Actually, I’m having issue with just stopping the animation, instead having the character stuck at the end frame of the played blendspace.

No one has ever needed to do something similar? Am I just making this way harder on myself than it needs to be?