Play Music continuous over the change of persistent Levels (with Elias MW)


I am currently struggeling keeping the music alive when the Persistent Level changes to another Persistent Level.
I spawn an Elias Component (Middleware for adaptive Music) in my Game Instance which handles the Game-Music.
This Elias Component is referenced from each Persistent Level Blueprint and it is supposed to play through the level changes.
However it stops playing on Level change and I am not able to adress it in the new Level to restart playing.
I found out that my Elias Component gets killed on Level change now.
(Because we are using multiple persistent Levels with sublevels it is not an option for me to handle the Elias Component in the one Persistent Level.
Though nested Sublevels would be my favorite solution :smiley: )

I am wondering wether the Game Instance is the right place to spawn Sounds that should play continuously.
Has anyone had this scenario already?

Thank you very much in advance!