Play Multiple Animations with Mouse Input

I have two actors I want to animate using the left mouse button when both collisions are overlapped. One actor is my enemy, and the other weapon actor is spawned a through a character blueprint that follows the location of my mouse. I have Blend Space and Animation blueprints for both of them and they both work when I test them individually. What I want to achieve is having the weapon box collision overlap the enemy box collision and when I hold my left mouse button, I want both actors to play their animations, in this case my weapon animation (Attack) and my enemy animation (Attack Reaction). The problem I have is that when I click my mouse, only the enemy actor plays its animation, while the weapon actor stays in its idle animation. I noticed that when I disconnect the ‘On Component Begin Overlap’ for my weapon, the enemy plays his animation. But when I connect the Overlap connection to the weapon, only my weapon animates. leaving my enemy actor in his idle animation. Any suggestions to have both animations play at the same time?