Play movie with Esc key before exit the game

Hello guys,

Please anybody from here knows how to play a movie with Esc key to play the movie before it will close or exit the game? the movie/video is about 6 seconds to play before it will close the game, please thanks… : )

When you press Esc:

  1. Block all the input
  2. Play the Movie using this
  3. Start the timer or delay for 6 seconds, call the exit command

thanks, but where do i have to block the input? is it in the blue print? sorry i’m just a beginner. but i’ll try to figure out by myself if not i’ll call it again :slight_smile: thanks.

From player controller you can block input by call EnableInput or SetInputModeUIOnly. Block input just for precaution, if you still control smth and prevent double Esc activate, if not affect anything you no need block input.

ok thanks i’ll try the option you gave. thanks again