Play Montage does not trigger Anim Notify

I have this setup in one of my blueprints:

The montage executes OK on both server and the client, I do see animation happening, and the completed and normal execution pin does trigger OK, however the On Notify Begin and On Notify End pins do nothing(no text printed)

Am I doing something wrong here?
I set up the notifies both in the animation itself and in the anim montage, somewhere in the middle(both at about the same spot - tried it with only one on each end but no change)


Last piece of information that might be relevant is the animation blending in the animBP(it is extended ThirdPerson_AnimBP from the preview project):

I am happy to provide any other info. Googled for the solution, searched in any other way, but I have been dealing with this for couple hours now and I am at a loss here. The notify just does not seem to trigger. I can try replicating this in an empty project if need be, but I might be just doing something wrong on my end.

Have you tried to multicast?

Hi sorry, missed the comment, yes it is multicasted.

you can use AnimNotifyState class and subclass it. after that you should implement both Received Notify Start and Received Notify End.

what should this picture show - can you please write at least one sentence what the information of this screenshot is? changing the montage tick type to branch or what?

Have you found any solution? Having the same issue in 4.18. The Notifier inside of my animationBP is triggering, but not inside of a regular blueprint which is using the playMontage node. The Montage plays, but the outputPins for the notify never gets called. Setting the Notify montage tick type to branch doesn change anything for me.

Ah got it - thanks thats it! SOLVED

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Well not a solution exactly. What I did was to catch the notify in the animBP, and forward it to the relevant BP through the controller, kind of roundabout way to go about it but works like a charm

Adding a clearer answer since I found this while trying to solve this problem and had no idea what the outcome was:

“Play Montage” only supports notified which inherit from AnimNotify_PlayMontageNotify, which is a subclass of AnimNotify. Most of the ways to create an AnimNotify in the montage editor don’t create a compatible notify, and none of them as far as I can tell create a compatible AnimNotify which supports a name.

To get this working with a custom name, you need to create a new class (either in code or in the editor) which inherits from AnimNotify_PlayMontageNotify. Then set the “Name” property to be the name you want it to report as on the “Notify Name” pin. (Oddly, overriding the GetNorifyName method doesn’t seem to work.)

Then add a new notify of this class in the montage editor.


Inside your montage, when you right click to create the notify: Go to ‘Add Notify → Montage Notify.’ There’s a bunch of options there. This is the option you want. I just figured this out through trial and error.

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