Play matinee if serial integer is greater than (certain number)

UE 4.9.2

I have a matinee, where a box moves up when I press ‘g’ on keyboard. But I am using a sensor and Arduino and want the matinee to play when the serial integer is greater than 511. I have the blueprints made for connecting and reading from Arduino, and the matinee made with the current example of it working using the ‘g’ key. What do I need to do to connect the two parts I have?

Do I need branch nodes? Where do I connect to play matinee actor?

I don’t have an arduino connected to my Project, therefor I cannot use the exact same nodes, but this should be clear enough.

Assuming your arduino is printing integer numbers, then you can convert the string to int, then compare it.
Since the value of the sensor might change quickly, and it’s hard for the user to press G at the exact same moment, you can add a delay that will leave the gate open for a small while, giving the use a bigger window to trigger the matinee.