Play matinee at end level before opening next level. Help needed

I did try to build in Blueprint the following: Trigger on touch > Play Matinee animation > Open next level.

Well the problem is that the animation is not played at all, the player is spawning immediately to the next level, how can i solve this in blueprint? Thanks for the help!

What are the triggers for the matinee and the load level events? Are they too close together? Your character should trigger the matinee then the level change afterwards. If you were using box triggers you might want to have two one that triggers the matinee and then the player has to walk through a second one that triggers the level change. Just an idea.

i would do this:
on event begin overlap (your trigger) play (matinee) delay (duration of matinee) open level (your level)
heres a pic of what i mean

Thank you Ixicalibur, i had an idea for such an solution myself by using an timer, but this did not work. I will try the delay!