play Matinee after multiple triggers

I’m trying to get the player to walk over 3 triggers and have that open a door. I don’t care about order. Each can only be pressed once.
I have already made the matinee and triggers, but as of now, when any trigger is touched the matinee plays instead of after each has been touched.
I know it has to be simple, but I’m stuck. Any help would be awesome. Thanks

Just add in the Levelblueprint a Variable(Boolean) for each trigger.
Now you write in every trigger that he should set his Variable in the Levelblueprint to true if he is active. After that an Custom Event should be called.
This Event Fires a Branch that checks if all 3 Vairables(all Triggers) are true and if they are the Branch fires the Matinee.
Each Trigger: Event Overlapp → Set “TriggerPassed”(True) → Call Custom Event
Custom Event: Event → Branch (Condition: All Triggers true?) → Start Matinee